Our Guidelines For A Stress-Free Exterior Home Remodel

Smardbuild Promises to keep you as comfortable and stress-free as possible throughout your new exterior home remodeling project. And, that begins with clear communication between you and our craftsmen.

So, we’ve prepared these guidelines to give you an idea of what to expect after contract signing.

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All of us at Smartbuild hope these helpful guidelines will give you a better understanding of what to expect with your next exterior home remodel.

If you have any additional questions, please call us at 630-237-4205.

  • Confirmation of Details: To make certain that we have everything on your wish list included in our job details, our project manager will visit with you on site to conduct a final review. At the same time, he’ll learn the layout of your property to determine the best areas for unloading materials. We always strive to make our presence on your grounds as minimally invasive as possible.
  • Project Strategy: Putting together a custom plan for your remodel takes a team of Smardbuild experts. They will determine the necessary materials and timeline for your project. You will be continually informed of our schedule from start to finish. We will ask your preference for communicating – by phone or email? Our installations will move along more quickly and efficiently with you on site during the process, and we will accommodate whatever your schedule allows.
  • Crew Arrival: We are as excited as you are to begin your project. So, you can expect us on site between 8:00 am and 9:00 am each morning. Our crews take pride in respecting your property by cleaning the area at the end of each workday. To help us in this effort, we ask that your property be clear of any unnecessary items as we work.
  • Expect The Unexpected: Once our work is underway, it’s not uncommon to uncover pre-existing damage caused by man, critters, or weather that can cause deals and added expense. But, we will make every effort to remedy these issues quickly while staying as close to your schedule and budget as possible.
  • Coping with Mother Nature: We’re always ready when Mother Nature plans a rainy visit. During such delays, your home is completely protected from any we weather. As soon as the rain stops, our crew is back on the job. We appreciate your understanding and patience during any weather-related delays.
  • Final Walk-Through: We’re only satisfied with our work when you are. So, at the end of every project we ask you to take a final walk-through with our crew leader to make certain everything is done to your liking. When we get your OK, we clean up the property leaving only your beautifully remodeled exterior showing. As always, we appreciate any and all referrals.